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Portable Marquees Are Truly Cost- Efficient for Events

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016

Marquees and canopies continue to soar in global popularity. From large to small units, these canvases are perfect for outdoor weddings, receptions, family reunions, and all social gatherings and events.

Not only are marquees easy to install and dismantle after events, they are also mobile and can literally be placed anywhere you desire. From team-building events to outdoor concerts and fireworks celebrations, portable marquees truly add comfort, convenience and class to any event or lawn party. All it takes is one simple phone call to RP Woodworks for professional and affordable marquee hire services.

Portable Marquees


Portable Marquees for New Year’s Events

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get the right marquee for your outdoor celebrations. These units are not only sturdy and durable but also designed to withstand the weather elements. For daytime parties, they easily deflect sunlight and keep all your patrons and guests cool and comfortable.  Similarly, outdoor events in cold weather can utilize marquees for keeping loved ones and friends warm and toasty. In fact, many families secure marquees for outdoor barbecues, buffets, and any all parties for ringing in the New Year. Best of all, portable marquees are easy to install or temporarily dismantle and reinstall anywhere in your yard. They are also designed to blend in with your existing décor and truly add a touch of class to your exterior designs.

Marquees for All Outdoor Events and Parties

Marquees are truly the cost-effective way to host all outdoor events and galas. In fact, they offer the same protection and shelter as permanent tents, gazebos, and other coverings. These canopies and canvases also come in a full range of sizes, shapes, and designs. It is simply up to the customer to decide which marquees work best and meet all their needs across the board. As an industry leader in marquee and even hire services – RP Woodworks is proud to offer a full range of marquees for domestic and international events. Simply visit our website and explore out outdoor marquee gallery for the latest units and products. You can also place customized marquee and service requests, as well as expedited orders for events that are pressed for time.

For more information, visit our website and get the professional marquees and services you deserve today. Also, check out our Facebook page and blog for informative articles on event hire, marquee hire, and anything and everything you need to make your party the hit of the year!

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Is a marquee something that you should consider for your event?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

8x8 Marquee with Dancefloor 4

You have every other aspect of your wedding planned and are now thinking about the venue. Is a marquee something that you should consider? Marquees are quickly becoming popular among people who are hosting events. They offer an affordable way to host a bespoke event because you can customize them to look any way you want. That said, there are those who have reservations about whether or not to use a marquee for weddings. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address those reservations.

Q: How much work will be involved in setting up my wedding marquee?

A: Many people worry that a marquee may end up requiring a lot more preparation than a regular venue. Actually, once you pay the marquee company you are done. They will set up the tent for you and do any other installations that are required – the flooring, heating, lighting etc.

Q: Do marquees come in different sizes?

A: Yes, they do. You can get marquees in all shapes and sizes. You get to choose a marquee that is enough for the guests that you will invite. In fact, there are marquees that can fit your backyard if you want a small wedding.

Q: I don’t have a caterer; can the marquee hire company provide me with one?

A: Yes; most good marquee companies work with caterers so that if clients need them they are standing by. If you don’t already have a caterer you should worry too much about it; just ask the marquee company to give you one or two suggestions.

Q: Will it cost more or less to hire a marquee?

A: Because there are so many marquee companies coming up it is now cheaper to hire a marquee than to rent a hotel. Additionally, marquees are cheaper to build which makes them cheaper to hire.

Q: How safe are marquees?

A: This is a major concern for many people. You will be pleased to know that so long as you work with a reputable marquee company they are very safe. You should make sure that you see proof of public liability insurance before you hire. Ask them to also sure you proof that all their employees are insured – if they get hurt while working for you you will not be liable.

Q: What happens to the marquee after we are done?

A: It is very simple – the marquee company will come back and take it down once your wedding is over. They will also clean up anything that is related to the marquee hire.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Most marquees are waterproof. If it is a wet day you don’t have to worry – the company will make sure that everything remains dry. As for heat, you can ask them to install heaters for you.

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