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Tips on how to save money on your marquee hire price

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015

luxury vs affordable marquees

In this world, people are different. The differences trickle down to finances for very few can affording luxurious Marquees for their wedding parties. Therefore, many seek to know what they can do to get that dream marquee at an affordable price. Keep reading and you will find tips that are entirely applicable.

Take your time: first off, you should do a marquee search hurriedly. Get quotes from as many marquee companies as possible. Then, you can compare the prices and see who is offering the best bargain. While at it, read a few reviews concerning the marquee companies of interest. That could give you an idea of the quality they offer versus their price.

save money

Save money on marquee hire

Avoid hiring during peak periods: the periods of May, June and July experience a lot of marquee hire. Many weddings get conducted during this time and it coincides with many public events. As a result, there is usually a marquee shortage and due to the demand, there is extortion in terms of high prices. For instance, people hiring marquees for weddings can opt to have a summer wedding in August for fair deals. Those after a spring wedding in early or mid-May, autumn weddings in October and winter weddings carry the advantage of cheap marquees all through.

Make early bookings: most marquee companies encourage early bookings. They too like to plan their schedules in advance for a smooth flow of things. Thus, they even give discounts for those who book early. Early bookings keep you immune from inflations. However, before you jump up in delight, read the terms and conditions of hiring as some companies change the prices with time regardless of when you made a booking.

Stick to the initial package until the end: like suggested earlier, it is imperative that you take time in deciding the kind of marquee you want. Last minute changes encourage unnecessary expenses making the price go up. Most marquee packages offer catering services, chairs, tables and any other furniture deemed necessary. It is upon you to request any adjustments during the initial chair hire and catering hire.

Utilize your space to the maximum: while last minute changes should get avoided at all costs, unpredictability such as an increase in the number of guests can hardly get prevented. At such times, you can alter the arrangement of the space you have to see if extra furniture fits. In extreme cases, furniture can get placed on the dance floor and removed as soon as the dance hour sets in. That way, the extra cost will only be because of extra furniture as opposed to additional bays.

Do not leave the marquee hire to your wedding venue supplier: while your supplier might know a thing or two about good marquees, chances are that they are only after creating a relationship with their long-time marquee supplier. For diversity, avoid this

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